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Description: AFG 4.1AE Elliptical

The SIXSTAR Certified frame ensures user comfort and maximizes the impact of the AFG 4.1AE Elliptical through six of its workout aspects: that of body positioning, handlebar spacing, elliptical foot path, pedal placement, elliptical access and the trainer's drive mechanism aspects. Its 30-lb. flywheel allows you to go through you workouts in seamless and smooth fashion as each pedal push you do produces an optimal health fitness result.

Another feature of the AFG 4.1AE Elliptical, the MAXtone pedal is specifically designed to imitate a running or walking motion greatly toning the glutes and leg muscles and giving you a totally new experience in elliptical exercising.

The Nike + iPod workout tracking feature built into the AFG 4.1AE Elliptical stores all your workout stats into your iPod and upload it to nikerunning.com where you can access them and analyze them to improve your routines. The 20 Resistance levels of this elliptical help you to literally attain a full body workout as every muscle group in your body can be targeted with this feature.

AFG 4.1AE Elliptical Features:
  • SIXSTAR Certified frame
  • 30-lb. flywheel
  • MAXtone pedal
  • Nike + iPod workout tracking feature
  • 20 Resistance levels
  • User Capacity 350 lbs

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